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About Åsa Plahn

Senior brand strategist, creative and ex mentor at Berghs SoC, with a passion for brand strategy and sustainable business development. As a communication generalist with broad experience of brand-related projects, I do work for organisations within various industries. Most recently as a sustainability communication consultant. As co-founder and MD of Sjö&Hav Outdoor Care, I have a 360 perspective on business. Central learn-by-doing entrepreneurial knowledge that I’m happy to share. Sjö&Hav came to life through an inspiring vision we couldn’t resist, and has developed into a unique brand with high customer commitment and a crystal clear purpose. What else to expect from me? – A curious mind, a good listener and interpreter.
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As global Brand identity manager at Husqvarna Group, I executed on an evolving brand journey to build One global Husqvarna product brand across several industries as gardening, forestry, construction tools and motorcycles. An interim assignment, 2021.06–2022.12

First stop on the journey was to strategically manage selected brand assets and develop content as high-level guiding principles, brand asset guidelines and application style guides, across central omni channel touch points.

I am forever grateful to Husqvarna for the experience and opportunity to be a part of a skilled and dedicated team, practicing high level brand strategies with a global perspective. Thank you!

Sjö&Hav Outdoor Care

Biodegradable body care and cleaning products for outdoor use, produced in Sweden since 2004. As co-founder, concept developer and Marketing Director of Sjö&Hav, I am responsible for the overall brand experience. The product development, design, advertising, tone-of-voice, go-to-market strategy etc. Sjö&Hav is a member of the Scandinavian Outdoor Group and is sold on several European markets with a turnover of 9 million SEK in 2022. The best selling product is the natural sourced mosquito repellent. A commercial was released in 2021 for the Swedish market, clarifying the brand position and product advantages. Agency: Drama Queen

Soap on a rope, shampoo, washing-up liquid, mosquito repellent and multi purpose cleaning products – all readily biodegradable and designed for a pure nature experience. A selection of pack-shots, ambassador collaborations as Swedish adventurer Annelie Pompe, Instagram outdoor accounts as Road-Ahoy, Aktivt familjeliv and the Hide-away destination Happie Camp in the deep forests of Värmland. Photos by Chris Alfthan, Josefine Alvtegen and others.

Why Sjö&Hav?

Ever since I was a kid, I've spent my summers on an island in the Stockholm Archipelago under simple conditions – no electricity nor fresh water – and the way to stay clean was to wash in seawater. When I grew up and became more aware of fine details, I felt we lacked the perfect products to match our life on the island. I looked for quality care products, environmentally friendly and suitable for outdoor use. But when I couldn't find any – me and my co-founders simply created them ourselves. Read about the Sjö&Hav sustainability work here (text in Swedish).


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Telephone: +46 (0)709-593 701

Stockholm, Sweden

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